Our Story - Wear Your Belief

Nearly 10 years ago, when I first became a registered dietitian and gained experience as a sports dietitian, one of my goals was to create a t-shirt company that focused on health and wellness.  After all everyone wears t-shirts or at least I did.  I saw this as my way of sharing my passion, beliefs, personality,  and an opportunity too educate others on the importance of nutrition and exercise as it relates to health and productivity.  I also felt this was my way to reach kids and to celebrate health and fitness in a fun manner.  So I partnered with my brother to help bring my ideas to print.  

Today, t-shirts are more than just fashionable items or something you wear because they are comfortable.  T-shirts now promote messages, beliefs, and are meant too stand for something. T-shirts can display personality and character. This is what Fuel Factor Gear does. We believe people should be proud of living a healthy lifestyle and should promote it on your chest.  In other words, "Wear Your Belief."

You might not click with all of our messages, but they are meant to cause discussion and to get others to look at the messages displayed.  We'd love it for people to point and laugh or stare, but then ask, "What does that even mean?"

Did you know that your purchase helps us give back to our community? A portion of every order goes towards fueling Greensboro, NC, non-profit programs that support kids to Never Go Empty (food) and provide opportunities for kids to play sports and be active.

I personally want to thank you for reading our story and for choosing to promote your healthy lifestyle.  We'd love to hear from you and learn about why you chose to wear a Fuel Factor Gear item!  On Instagram: FuelFactorGear #NeverGoEmpty.   

Gabriel R Staub MS RD CSSD CSCS